Contributor Meeting October 2019

Jorn Theunissen

Discover highlights from Stride's first contributor meeting, focusing on project collaboration, development updates, and ways to enhance the game engine together.

Next to the community meetings were everyone can join in on the discussions, we now also have the contributor meetings. These contributor meetings are for the people who are actively participating in Xenko development. Last weekend we had our first gathering. Another thank you to all who participated!

Summary πŸ”—

Date of meeting: 28 September 2019

  • Official release of 3.1
    • The release of 3.1 is imminent. More details on this will be provided soon.
    • Nuget package creation is the biggest task to be completed.
  • General roadmap
    • The roadmap currently planned on Github is outdated. It needs to be updated and become more relevant to the capacity we currently have as Xenko contributors/developers.
    • New freedcamp tasks will come out of this that can be assigned to contributors. Some areas of contribution:
      • Xenko core (subsystems, frameworks, .Net version etc)
      • Editor improvements
      • Examples/Tutorials: C# coding, Models/materials setup from Import to Scene, Animation
  • Roadmap for 3.2
    • Planning out the next features is a big challenge, because there are so many things wanted/requested. Since Xen is the only full time core developer, we can probably only toggle 1 major feature next.
    • After the 3.1 is released the strategy on which core feature should be implemented. This has yet to be decided. The next developer meeting will go deeper in to this.
      • Example on what could be worked on: asset compiling/.NET Core 3
  • Release cycles
    • We will try to adapt a more frequent official release strategy. Even if that official release contains few fixes or improvements. We do not want to plan releases on fixed dates, but instead we do want to keep the 3-4 months idea in our mind. This should provide the community more reliability.
    • Depending on the amount of fixes/improvements this will major or minor.
  • Phr00t fork
    • It has proven difficult to merge functionality from phr00t fork to main xenko, but there is ongoing progress!
    • 2 users (Fdrobidoux and SilectCLD) are currently working on merging code. If you are interested in following the progress have a look at the task for this.
    • Vulkan improvements will need to be done differently, and some work from xen2 has already landed for this.
  • Documentation
    • The C# basics tutorials are making progress, but the sample project is not quite there yet.
    • Some better screenshots and a base tutorial scene that looks a little bit more appealing could be really useful.
    • Release for this is extended by 1 month.
  • Access rights:
    • We can distribute some access rights among contributors to ofload some of task from Xen.
      • Social media: SyrikZero
      • Website deployment Teamcity/Azure: JornAggror
  • Name change
    • Let’s take it one step at a time: first let’s see what possible name we can come up with.
    • Check the voting topic by Eideren for more info.
  • General topics:
    • We are aiming to do a contributor meeting every 2 months.
    • This meeting was a long sit: 1.5 hours. Next meetings should be 1 hour at max, but preferable shorter.
    • Using Discord for the meeting, was not ideal. We will try to see if we can use Google Hangouts for this.
    • The timezone planning of the meeting did not go as planned even though Doodle does support this. This will be properly tested for the next meeting.
    • Freedcamp will remain as the tool for planning generic tasks. Since most contributors have now joined, new members can only edit tasks if they are invited.

Want to join the contributors? πŸ”—

Whether you are a developer, designer, artist or writer, you are always free to create Pull Requests or add issues to the Xenko github project.

If you are interested in participating in the contributor meetings and the Xenko Freedcamp project, please send a private message to AggrorJorn using the Xenko forum. All you need to do is send in your email address and what areas of contributing you are interested in. You will be invited to join the publicly viewable Xenko Freedcamp project which we use to keep track of all sorts of tasks that people are working on. We can then also have a quick chat to get you up to speed on any tasks.


Any comments? You can start πŸ—¨ at GitHub Discussions or Discord.

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