December 2019 recap

Hi everyone,

Happy new year everybody. In this blog we do a quick recap of the final developments of Xenko in 2019 and what the community has been up to.

What is being worked on

  • The latest new features are being finished for the release of 3.2. This version should be released near the end of January.

Community meeting 3

On December 18th we held another community meeting. Check here for the summary. The most important thing here is that we are getting ready for the rename.

With ‘Stride’ being the new name for Xenko in the near future, the #logo-change Discord channel has been seeing a lot of suggestions and even a voting on some of the ideas from the community.

Community picks

Check out these awesome projects that community members have been working on:


User: MentalArray

Testing the Xenko game engine took only a week to do this that included learning the scripting system and all model building and texturing was really trying to figure out animations and happy with result

Fog of war

User: Jarmo

This is a fog of war system written for Xenko. Github project Fog of war