Xenko 1.0 Alpha Released

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A new version is available for download. Run the Xenko Studio to download and install the latest version.

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In Progress 🔗

  • General: Integration of Spine
  • General: Preparations for open-source release
  • Issue: Installed in c:\ProgramData (#2)
  • Issue: InvalidOperationException: No screen modes found (#7)
  • UI: Improve layout of GameMenu sample.
  • UI: Improve grid children measure process (fix some layout bugs).

Version 1.0.0-alpha07 🔗

Release date: 2014/09/04

Issues fixed 🔗

  • Studio: Exiting the Xenko Studio was generating errors.

Version 1.0.0-alpha06 🔗

Release date: 2014/09/04

New Features 🔗

  • Integrated release notes in the welcome menu
  • Welcome to the new workspace!
  • Integrate release notes in the new workspace
  • Engine: Reload automatically shaders at runtime when they are modified on the disk (Windows only)
  • Shaders: New DiscardTransparentThreshold shader. Set the threshold below the one a pixel will be discarded.
  • Shaders: New shaders dealing with normal and tangent skinning.
  • Materials: Add UseTransparentMask parameter key in material to disable alpha blending and use the alpha channel as a mask of the texture. Use AlphaDiscardThreshold parameter key to set the desired threshold below the one a pixel will be discarded.
  • Assets: Support for TGA and PSD files for textures.
  • UI: Add horizontally align text in EditText using property TextAlignment.
  • UI: Add mouse wheel delta value since last frame using property IInputManager.MouseWheelDelta.
  • UI: Add image stretch type StretchType.FillOnStretch and modify StretchType.Fill behavior (previous StretchType.Fill mode is now implemented by StretchType.FillOnStretch).

Enhancements 🔗

  • General: Visual Studio Express 2013 can now open Xenko Projects (with some limitations) (#4)
  • Engine: Change default Windows output type to Windows Application (#8): By default, a console is only opened when there is a message, assemblies are created in debug and the debugger is not attached.
  • Engine: Add anisotropic texture filtering on mobile platforms that support it.
  • Sample: AnimatedModel. Add lighting to the model. Use default Xenko pre defined shaders.
  • Sample: ForwardLighting. Add transparent meshes.
  • Sample: Set the same orientation for all samples on Android.
  • Studio: Modal windows are not displayed in the taskbar anymore
  • Studio: Improvement in the sprite editor: possibility to drop image files in the interface, improved region selection rectangle.
  • Studio: Performance improvement in the editor, particularly in the sprite editor
  • UI: Allow 0-sized strip definition in Grid.
  • UI: Allow mixing of relative/absolute element positioning in Canvas.
  • UI: Allow user to modify values of the UIRenderingContext.

Issues fixed 🔗

  • Build: Android project fails to build (#3)
  • Studio: GameStudio was using 100% of one CPU core (#1)
  • Studio: Splash Screen always on top (#6)
  • Studio: Fix GameStudio crash when importing assets using the add files button (#9)
  • Studio: Build log is now displaying build feedback
  • Studio: Fixed the Hue selection in the color picker
  • Engine: Reduce effect change detection footprint (for example when changing the lighting configuration of the scene).
  • Engine: Reuse rendering states.
  • Shaders: Fix incorrect normal and tangent skinning in shaders.
  • Shaders: Fix converter Hlsl to Glsl.
  • Input: Fixed InputManager crash when window size is reach 0.
  • Physics: Character Controller was not working properly on iOS.


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