Recap October 2019

Jorn Theunissen

Welcome to our October edition. Here's a quick recap on Xenko development and its community. Official 3.1 Release is in final testing phases. You can now sponsor Xenko through Github sponsors. Possible name change is being discussed. The first tutorial project is almost ready.

Official 3.1 Release πŸ”—

The 3.1 was originally scheduled for release this month, but some last minute breaking changes prevented the release. The official release is now in its final testing phases and should be released shortly. Once the release is final, we can focus on planning out tasks and the new roadmap for 3.2.

Git Sponsorship πŸ”—

Next to Patreon you can now also sponsor Xenko development directly through Github sponsors. GitHub even doubles the money that is donated the first year up to $5000!

Freedcamp project

Possible Name Change πŸ”—

For those of you who have missed it: Xenko is looking for a possible rename of the engine. There have been lengthy discussions on Discord about the name we could pick. See the fixed topic in the Discord #name-change channel.

Documentation πŸ”—

The first tutorial project is almost ready. Users will be able to select tutorial templates from a Tutorial category in the project launcher. The first project β€œC# Beginner”, demonstrates 12 beginner programming concepts. The amount of tutorials, as well as intermediate and advanced tutorials, will be extended/added once the first release is done.
Additionally, the code used in the project is directly referenced by the new documentation section which explains each individual tutorial level.

Community Picks πŸ”—

Check out these awesome community projects that people are working on:

Voxel cone tracing based global illumination from Spike1 πŸ”—

Forum post
Github project

Voxel global illumination

Heightmap Terrain from SilentCLD πŸ”—

Github project

Heightmap terrain


Any comments? You can start πŸ—¨ at GitHub Discussions or Discord.

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